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Foot Massasger ~ Jade Cicada
  • Foot Massasger ~ Jade Cicada


    Treat your feet, this is your permanent spa treatment and relexology stone. I can tailor to your foot if you let me know your shoe size.


    Can be used for both feet in a variety of ways. Can be used for massage tool, scraper or hot rock massage therapy.


    the cicada invokes the chi and is a symbol revitalized energies.


    Some cicada species can lay dormant for 9 years, before hatching en masse and as such has been adopted as the archtype of life after death and rebirth from our ancestors.


    jade is a powerful stone with many grounding and protective properties. Just the touch alone!


    N.B. Due to custom sizing and current work load, this product can take from 1wk to many months to delivar. 


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