I love working with Jade and provide a host of Jade and Gemstone services. My company Pagoda Stone has developed over 16 years to include many aspects of the jade industry; Women's and Men's fashion to Sculptural Installations. In addition to Jade Jewelry We now provide a series of Statement lighting and Stone Urns.

 Jade just seems to have a little magic about it.

Perhaps its the illustrious history of Shamanism and Emperors, weaving their magical tales in the "Stone of Heaven". Perhaps its the essential glow of life radiating in the vibrant greens.
Confucius believes mankind's virtues should aspire to the noble characteristics of Jade.
It is the strongest gemstone and harder than steel.
Metaphysically, Jade harmonizes with the Heart Chakra and is also known as a protector stone,
warding off various negative energies.

Jade kind of grows with you over time and makes for great ceremonial items, or special talismans and meaningful gifts.

Divine.  Natural.  Forever.

Jade Memorial Collection

In celebration of your loved ones

Pandemic discount $99

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Thank you Brian. This is a special talisman for Lori and  I.


Dude, thats amazing! Im gonna rock it!


This is the perfect urn for father's ashes !