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jade carving workshop on Salt Spring Island

Make your own Jade Carving in Paradise!

Jade Carving Workshops are available for everyone ages 5yrs+.  Studio located on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

1 day Jade Carving Workshop. Making a Talisman.


An exciting day creating your own jade jewelry! We'll be starting with some design theory and introduction to the stone characteristics show and tell style. Come ready to learn as we will quickly move to slabbing and cutting out shapes before continuing with the carving and shaping processes. There are a great many different machines and hand tools you will become familiar with. How to finish the jade is a critical component, so save some time to texture and polish professionally. You will learn a variety of knotting techniques in the finishing stages of cording the pendant, ready for wear. Prices include the jade material.

$175 single

$300 for a couple

$400 for 4ppl.


Overnight accommodation is available for $100 a night, details below.

Please use the connect form here on this website or send an email to to arrange your start date.


“I wear my pendant with pride each day knowing I created it! Thanks Brian, I learnt so much and had a ton of fun” 

6 Day Jade Carving Workshop

$1000 workshop education hrs and tools.    $1600 for 2 ppl package

$600 Accommodation for 7 nights. Charming and private guest house on location.


Prior: Design conversation or Zoom meeting prior to arrival.

We can coordinate food and meals or special requests etc via email as we go. Pick Up and Drop Off trips to all 3 Salt Spring Island Ferry terminals is possible.


Bring any helpful models or reference images with you to the Jade Farm. Come prepared to learn and have fun.

On arrival: Introduction tour to the workshop, your accommodations, property and surroundings.

The Week: starts with an introduction to jade and how to “read” the stone, searching for the clues of how best to orient the design into the stone. Then we will pick out the right jade for your project. (select jade are available for purchase at decent price)

Jade is harder than steel and you will be using a great number of diamond plated saws, grinding wheels and rotary tool burrs to define your sculpture. All of the carving process use water while operating. There are aprons, overalls and some protective ear and eyewear. Please bring your own kit if you have good ones at home. Dress accordingly, it is a workshop : )

The rest of the week you will be carving the most beautiful thing in the world! Your imagination. It is a great experience to turn an idea into a wonderful finished jade sculpture. Certainly for many people, a metaphysical and even meditative experience. This is toughest of natural materials on our planet, meaning your sculpture could well last till the end of time! Carving this “stone of heaven” is a real joy and privilege. There many many steps and stages to finishing your sculpture in the best possible fashion. Finishing textures and base selection a big part of the design conversation.

I will be there as a guide and assistant through your journey. How to, which tool, best approach, etc. There are always lots of stories and mystery around jade and gemstones. There is certainly a whole new world to explore with Jade art and sculpture. Perhaps we will uncover a few of these mysteries during your stay.

We can have a celebratory last night with BBQ or restaurant meal. Planning ahead of time.

Your Island Hospitality:


The Jade Farm. 872 Long Harbor Rd, Salt Spring Island.

Idyllic setting and private little guest house with sunny deck located 5 minute walk from Long Harbour, BC Ferry terminal. Direct Tsawwassen/Vancouver route. There are many other easy travel options to and from Victoria and the rest of Vancouver Island.

The island style “Casita” here host’s; a kitchenette, bathroom with shower, wifi, desk/table and chairs, 1 double bed, 1 single bed, room for another cot. Desk/dinning tables.  There is basic kitchen appliances and cookware, plates/cup and cutlery. Private sunny deck with garden and forest views. Laundry is possible.

It is a 10 minutes drive to Ganges town and local shopping, farmers markets, harbour, supplies and services. Great local cycling and walking routes. There is so very much to do and see on the island, natural and cultural. You should explore during your stay! Many great Artists and Galleries to visit if time allows. 

Questions? connect

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