Jade Farm Archery Range. Field Archery and bowhunting practice
The most dynamic Field Archery course in B.C.

A stunning course layout for a wide variety of archery target practice and training. Uphill, downhill, cross slope and totally flat options to help you be the best archer possible. 10 to 100+ meter shots, we specialize in traditional archery practice but compound bows are welcome (65lbs or less).


Its a beautiful and active experience for the whole family outdoors in a sunny meadow surround by forest. Come and find your Zen space, the harmony between you and nature so your arrows may fly true.


This is also a perfect place to come practice before your actual bow hunting trip, because of the real life situations we can create on this property. Setting up scopes and learning how they vary when shooting different elevations and many other techniques are critical to brush up on before you go into the wild. Private lessons and training available upon request.


Please note we do not rent bows and arrows here, but happy to recommend options for you. We have a certified Range Officer and follow Canada Archery protocols.

Jade Farm Archery Club
Jade Farm Archery Club Membership
Pricing and Packages :
  • Shoot at many exciting targets on a beautiful range. 10 to 100meters.

    Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun

    20 Canadian dollars
  • 2 nights Cabin on the course. Sleeps 2 + a cot. Kitchen, Bath + Deck.

    Starts May 20

    650 Canadian dollars
  • Reserve the course for your group. Max 6 people. Custom range sets.

    100 Canadian dollars
Targets at Jade Farm Archery: